Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Here's a lesson.

I love sex and as much as I believe in God, I don't think I am less worthy a person before Its eyes, just because I do not have inhibitions when it comes to sex. I do not live by the bible as I think it's fallacious indoctrination. I do however believe there's God, whatever religion It embraces. So there.

The reason I'm writing this rather asexual post is because I am surprised at how some people are so quick at telling me what's the proper way to live my life. I find these people rather naive, inappropriately patronising and are bad judges of character as well as intellect. For one, I'm tired already of receiving emails saying that I'm on my way of destroying my future, that I need psychological help and that I don't love myself. My only wish is that they would substantiate their claims with proofs.

I am in my mid-20s, studying, freelancing which pays undeservingly well and having mind-blowing sex with like-minded people whom I'm attracted to. I am extremely sensitive about my health and that's why I'm always working-out and buying condoms. Also, I have annual health check-ups eversince I was 18. At this rate, I can't help but believe all of you conveniently righteous people are more at risk of getting transmitted disease from public toilet bowls than me getting it from a lover.

Has it ever occured to you why I write this blog under a pseudonym? Do not be surprised that mind-blowing sex does not fry your brains. I may not be the smartest person in the world, but I am smart enough to know that many people may find my lifestyle disturbing as much as I can justify it. I would love to say that I don't give a fuck, but the fact is I do, because I may need these people one day, irregardless of professional or personal reason. I intend to keep both professional and personal lives unaffected by my sex life. And that is why I shall remain anonymous for all time. And that is also why I will not have sex with anyone who proposition me via this blog.

As for claims that I don't love myself, I do love myself to a point that borders selfishness it scares myself sometimes. That is why I'm having the sex, get it?

I did not write this entry to explain myself as frankly, I really don't have an obligation to. I wrote this because I want my readers to have a better grasp of what kind of person I am otherwise they will continue to believe that I am a person in need of sympathy, salvation and shrinks. Really, I don't.

Thanks for reading me.

PS: From now on, I will expurgate any comment that contains the following traits: stupidity, hypocriticism, religion, vulgarity (to other readers), disrespect (to me or other readers) and/or bad grammar. I think I might create a disclaimer of sorts too when I have more time.

What a revelation, this post :)