Monday, April 11, 2005

Familiar but different.

After watching the movie, Le Divorce, a heavy sensation lingered on around my gut. The character of Isabel reminded me so much of myself. "It's like fornicating with God". That line rings so much truth it almost explains everything that I've ever been chasing all my life. Watch it, I think it's quite a good movie.

I have been busy. A friend of a friend has requested my help in decorating his house and I'm only too happy to oblige. He's paying me too. On the other side, my ex has been calling me, seemingly wanting to patch things up. I must not have loved him as much as I thought, as these past weeks I have come to notice that he's really not my ideal man. Talking to him is becoming a chore.

I did the unthinkable. I contacted N. I was itching to get laid and there wasn't anyone on my mind except him. After a lot of tossing and turning in bed, I let my pride go and grabbed my phone. I adore SMS, if there weren't any response, I could just pretend that it never happened. "crazy horny. free this week?". A couple of minutes later, "come tomorrow. 8pm. i'll cook."

I prepped up for the night. I wanted it to be nice. I did all the necessary shaving and plucking. I scrubbed myself clean from top to bottom. I put on something casual and sexy but not sloppy. I dabbed on my most sensual perfume. Then the darnest thing happened, it drizzled. As I tried to get into my car, I accidentally stepped into a a tiny puddle of dirty water. How I wish I had not worn my Pedder Red sandals.

While driving to his place, the rain got heavier. I was so looking forward to a night of hours of passionate sex, I had imagined it to be perfect. However, the rain had had killed my mood as I worried about how to exit the car without ending up like a pair of drenched socks. Anyway, I arrived at his place and N surprisingly allowed me to drive into his porch. Usually, I'd park outside and walk in. I suppose he isn't as cold-hearted as I made him to be.

N welcomed me with open arms. He was in his usual attire, some designer t-shirt and drawstring pants. He does look good for his age, save for some grey hair. Not that they made him look bad but he could do without them. I've asked him whether he has thought about dyeing his hair. He said that until Richard Gere does it, he will not tamper with his crowning glory.

He was actually in the midst of cooking. He had some porkchops in the oven. I helped him tossed boiled potatoes with paprika and olive oil while he sliced a block of cheddar. To cut the story short, we ate and talked over a multitude of things. It came to a point where there just wasn't anything to talk about anymore. And then awkward grins followed. Although both of us knew exactly why we were there, it's funny how we're always a little shy when it comes to initiating the sex. It's not like we have not had sex before, but we just dreaded the initiation process, I for one would love him to pounce on me. I'm guessing he's hoping the same from me.

After a while, he asked me for a hug. He stood up with his arms wide-open. I reciprocated. He hugged me really tightly and for some time too. Then he tilted his head and began to kiss me. I haven't been touched by a man for so long and having him kissed me like that was absolutely divine. He gently played with my tongue and sucked on my lips. It was as if he's savouring my mouth.

Then he released me and started to cup my breasts. He was gently circling his palms around them, occassionally grabbing them hard, all the while still kissing me. I slipped both my hands into his pants. He wasn't wearing any underwear. I started to squeeze his buttocks. It must have gotten him excited because he pushed my head to his and kissed me really hard. Just as I was about to pull down his pants, he let go of me and left. He came back with a comforter. He laid out out the comforter on the floor of his dining room. And then without wasting time, he took off his own clothes. Stark naked before me, he asked me to sit down and suck his cock. While I squeezed his buttock, I circled my tongue around his cockhead. I had the head in my mouth but I didn't suck it, then I let it out again. I trailed my tongue along his cock and rubbed my pursed lips along it. Finally, N couldn't take the teasing anymore and begged me to sit on him. Before I could say anything, he had already lied down on the comforter.

I began to undress, standing over his face so that he could have full view of my pussy. I bent my knees until my pussy was inches from his face and stood up again. I repeated it, but closer till his nose touched my wet pussy. I did it a couple of times, sometimes allowing him to plunge his tongue into me. At last I couldn't take it anymore and sat on his cock. I hadn't fucked for so long and his cock felt abnormally large. But I was not complaining. I rode him till my body was overcome by an orgasm.

I was tired by then, so I stopped thrusting my hips. I rested my head on his shoulder but N begged me to suck him off. Like a responsible lover, I did as he asked me to. After he came, he dozed off with me in his arms. He didn't chase me out of his house. I left in the morning.