Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Saved by the call.

My relationship with my boyfriend has disintegrated. It happened not long after I published my last entry. It was not due to my infidelity, no. Perhaps I will write about it in near future. Due to the breakup, I was contemplating ending this blog. I just couldn't write as recalling my sexual endeavors seemed a wicked thing to do for a supposedly broken-hearted woman, even to my standard. My inclination however, changed when I received an unexpected phonecall this afternoon.

It was my ex, P. The second oldest man I have been with and by far the most serious relationship I could boast of. We were together for 4 years. When we broke up, I was actually suicidal for a couple of months. P is 25 years my senior, a jet-setting businessman, tall, lean and handsome. He was in town, en route to Singapore and had called me up to say hi. He wanted to meet up for coffee but I had to decline because I just wasn't in the mood to meet anyone. I told him about the breakup and he was sympathetic. He said that he still misses me and that if I ever needed companionship, he would be at my beck and call. We ended the conversation with a promise to keep in contact.

P's call lifted the floodgate of memories we shared together. P's a friend of my girlfriend's boyfriend. I had only turned 18 when I met him and the attraction was instant. We exchanged email addresses and started corresponding with each other. Soon after that, we began dating and the rest is history. He is an incredibly skillful lover. Before I knew him, I had very faint idea of how slow and passionate love making was like; my previous lovers were mostly rowdy cowboys, so to speak. But with P, it was magnificent.

He's an avid golfer so I used to accompany him at the driving range. I enjoyed watching him swing. The sight of his body contorting reminded me of the things that he could do in bed. I would get horny almost everytime and begged him to take me home so that he could fuck me.

There was one time when he played until midnight. We were practically shooed by the workers. By the time we were leaving, the carpark was almost deserted. All the lights were switched off and it was really quiet. I quickly got into the car while P put his golf bag into the boot. After he got into the car, P asked me for a kiss.

I leaned towards him, gave him a peck on the lips and retracted back to my seat. Then, he crossed his arms and sulked. I asked him what's wrong. He did not say a word. Instead, he exaggerated a pout. So, I leaned towards him and kissed him again. He hugged me and gave me a french kiss. He slipped his hand into my top and carressed my back. Before I knew it, he had unhooked my bra. He cupped my breasts and pinched my nipples.

We continued kissing until he gently pulled my face away. I was really horny then and begged him to take me home to fuck me. But he refused. I touched his crotch and his cock was bursting out from his pants, why wouldn't he want to fuck me? He unzipped his pants and his cock sprung out. He wanted me to suck him off, butI told him I would only oblige on one condition. I wanted him to finger me at the same time. He readily agreed.

I pulled both my panties and shorts to my knees. Then, I knelt on my seat with my thighs apart. P stuck a finger into my pussy effortlessly as I was so wet. He then pulled it out and stuck in two fingers. I couldn't help moaning. While he was fucking me with his fingers, he started to rub his cock with his other hand. Upon seeing that, I remembered my part of the deal. I leaned forward and licked his cock. There was a tinge of saltiness and a whiff of dampness, but I liked it. Cock and balls should never taste and smell like a soap.

It was the usual stuff, I sucked him off and he made me came. Nothing to shout about. But it was P, and that's why I won't forget it.

He offered me a vacation in Phuket during our conversation this afternoon. I'm terribly enticed but the prospect of stumbling upon rotting cadavers is quite unnerving. He assured me that the place is pretty much back to normal. I thought so but it's still quite scary. Then again, I might take up his offer but God knows we're not going to sleep in different beds.

p/s: I have received many emails lately and there were many questions regarding my age, sexual preference, marital status and etc. I have made an attempt to answer every mail but by the 7th email, I realised I've been writing the same things. So I'm thinking that you guys could ask me a question(s) here in my blog. I'll try my best to answer all of them and will publish them as my next entry. Thanks for reading me.